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MacLisp on OZ

Would it be useful to move the LIBLSP directory from ITS to OZ?  Some of the
more useful things are already present in <maclisp> (such as STEP and APROPOS)
but people may have come to depend on some of the other, less commonly used
utilities.  Also people are liable to have things like (load '((liblsp) frob))
in their code, and it would be nice to make the transition easy for them.  (I
just moved the DRIBBLE package into <maclisp>, it has a tendency to name files
"dribbl.>.1", but it is still useful.)

On EE there is a LISP: logical-name for ps:<maclisp>.  I presume this is so
that the MacLisp specific hack where ((LISP) FOO) gets translated to 
((PS MACLISP) FOO) by virtue of the symbol LISP having a PPN property of
(PS MACLISP) will work in the entire Twenex environment.  This sounds like a
good idea, perhaps OZ should have it to.