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    Date: 14 June 1982 18:01-EDT
    To:   BUG-LISP

     Nobody has responded to my report on FILLARRAY etc bugs. Does anybody

Yes. I heard that this is one of the things "fixed in the new error system."
But seriously, (maybe thats too much of an inside joke) people do care if
local programs and research groups running on local systems, TOPS-20 and ITS,
are hurt by maclisp bugs. The only people to maintain maclisp at MIT now
are those who support systems such as BRANDX and MACSYMA, and/or still
maintain serious personal working environments in Maclisp. Maclisp is also
used to support a Scheme system used in teaching. [One big local use of
Maclisp, to support the NIL cross-compiler, is "no more" because NIL is
perfectly happy running on the VAX where it should. This might also
imply something about support for many features which were added as
"NIL compatibility," especially since none of the "NILCOM" code was
ever used in NIL.]

Note: JONL who as the maintainer of pdp10 maclisp used to fix bugs
and add other things, is no longer at MIT.

In summary, people do care. There are good hackers at MIT that want to
make sure that pdp-10 maclisp has a long and useful "old age."
It make take a couple months before you see any particular action though.