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When I try to compile lisp 2129 using the TOPS10 switch, I get the
following error messages:

sharp1+1	3060	2.	37-022 ###### HOW TO SHARE WITH "PURQIO" FILE?

gethgh	3107	0.	38-079 VECALL Undefined

I am using midas 428 running under tops10 version 6.03A on a regular
KA10 (ie. no paging hardware has been added). In addition to these error
messages, the lisp version number is typed out as 687194. I am able
to load the relocatable binary file which is provided with the lisp 
distribution tape, but it seems to run out of memory space very quickly.
typing something like (ARRAY FOO T 5000.) usually result in
a "can't get core" message. Trying to load COMPLR.FAS runs into the same
						--david krowitz