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This is Pedro at ORNL.
I am trying to get Maclisp version 2022 up in our KA10-TOPS10.
I have found bugs in array related functions.
FILLARRAY,FILEPOS,IN and LOADARRAYS have fatal BUGs in this version.
I have observed that they are not present in the version presently 
running at your MC site. Can anyperson give me the patchup recepy?

FILEPOS symptoms:
   Let 0=<n<(FILEPOS fi)  ...then... (FILEPOS fi n) gives UUO error @440410

FILLARRAY symptoms:
   Let (FILEPOS fi)=0 be case #1 ,
       (FILEPOS fi)>0 be case #2 ,
       (FILEPOS fidump)=3 be case #3   where fi is a FIXNUM file OPen for INput
  created by (FILLARRAY fi 'ARRAYX) , and fidump is same but created by
  a DUMPARRAYS command.
  (FILLARRAY 'ARRAYN fi) Halts at 444066 for both cases #1 and #2...but 
    on reentering  'ARRAYN shows to be unchanged in case #1 ,while
                   'ARRAYN shows the correct info in case #2.
    ON the other hand (?) case #3 works satisfactorily.

LOADARRAYS was not working at all.Upon some study i found IN to be the culprit.
  Replacing the JUMPN 10,452756 @453015 (inside IN) with a JUMPG ... instruction did fix LOADARRAYS. Now i don't know if this is Kosher but it works.

  Gratious reader of this missive...if you can help with these bugs and do so I will be most grateful. Also, are there any other bugs I should be aware 
  THanks.   sincerely..pedro.