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Long long time ago, (status xuname), (status xjname) and (status hsname)
were flushed in favor of the more abstract names USERID, SUBSYSTEM, and
HOMEDIR.  (status hsname) somehow managed to creep back in, taking additional
arguments to allow it to find the hsnames of other people (and on other
ITSs), using new hairy .break stuff with ddt;  (status homedir) doesn't
take these magic args, and anyway (status hsname) only exists (well, it
should) on ITS unless there was more of what follows.

The fact that (status xuname) exists sounds like a momentary lapse
somewhere.  I'm sure it had been flushed once, and can't see why it
might have been reinstated.  Anyone want to 'fess up?  Seems superfluous
to me.