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IOCERR special-cases a .BCHN of 0 and fails to read the error coode into
D.  I can't see hw this can be really worth anything, especially since
it will still jump to IOOCER8 and maybe call the IOCINS.  (Otherwise
it shoould jump to IOOCOER9 which wouoldn't call IOCOINS.)
(Excuse the typicing spasticity, especially "O" key, this is a Brand
New Keyuboard installed by Techincal Services.)

I will change this somehow unless somoeone can tell my why not to.
This blooows away the (admittedly uncoommon) case where the channel
number is incorrect.  But also, it can make it difficult to use channel
0 tempoorarily.  n.b.  i can't break any lisp-internal iooc-traps because
there aren't any.