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Steppers, etc.

Dear sirs:

This  is  not  a  bug  gripe;  I  have been referred to you for possible
information  on  Maclisp,  since  nobody in the Multics-world seem to be
able to answer:

In  the  current  (Rev.   1,  post-Moon)  Maclisp  manual there exists a
reference  to  a  wonderous  device  called  "The  Morgenstern Stepper",
available,  so is claimed, "in the Multics implementation".  Needless to
say,  the prescribed incantation fails to produce anything other than an
unbound symbol barf.  QUESTION: Is this, or any other stepper, available
"in  the  Multics  implementation",  or can such a device be transferred
from  another  implementation  to Multics Maclisp (assuming evalhook and
any other necessary goodies are still alive...)

Are  there,  or  have there been any plans to implement "The Extensions"
(defstruct, setf, etc.), other than backquote, in Multics?


          -- Antonio Elias (x7504, Aero & Astro)