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Restricted JFNs

	Sorry, but you are inaccurate about Teco.  Teco does indeed
have subforking capability (the FZ command).  It uses this capability
to make Babyl work, and to make spelling correction possible.  In
almost every case of the GTJFN command, you never specify the JFN
number you want, it finds a free JFN for you.  I don't understand your
paranoia about this issue, however I feel a compromise can be reached.
Why not have a global flag which determines whether or not Maclisp
should use restricted JFNs? The default can even be paranoia mode.
This is very easy to implement efficiently.  The only other objection
I can see for this is that no one wants to write the code for it.  In
that case, I would be glad to implement this feature.  ARYFIL is just
not an acceptable solution for me, and I am willing to do something
about it.  I am not the only person who wants this fixed, either.