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Wrong result

    Date: Friday, 5 March 1982  09:19-PST
    From: Jonathan Alan Solomon <JSOL at ECLC>
    Subject: Terminology and resolution of "restricted JFN" problem;  and functions OPENF and TNX-GTJFN
    Seems to me that you can do it without "restricting the JFN". If you
    open the file "restricted access", which uses the following bit
    (excerpt from INFO's JSYS node):
			B29(OF%RTD)   Allow restricted  access  (i.e.,  allow
				      only one process to access the file).
    You will get the desired results (no other process can hack the file),
    while at the same time, INFORMATION (ABOUT) FILE will show it. Note,
    this is for the OPENF jsys, not for the GTJFN jsys. The JFN is
    available, but the file is locked.
I believe that what was desired was that the JFN be "protected" from
mungeing by random subforks, but that the file access *not* be restricted.
That is, it's ok for several forks/jobs to open the file for simultaneous
reading;  the "frozen" access, by default, prohibits more than one user at 
a time from gaining write/append access.