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Restricted Access -- of what?

    Date: 6 March 1982  02:46-EST (Saturday)
    From: FEINBERG at CMU-20C
    . . .  It would seem to me
    that only files which are internal to the workings of Maclisp should
    be restricted, if any, and that user files should be wide open.
    Certainly Teco takes this approach, and it doesn't seem to
    lose.  . . . 
I don't think the analogy with TECO holds -- MacLISP facilitates random
user subforks, and TECO doesn't;  it is these random subforks which could
munge JFNs.  Anyway, your original complaint was about geting a LISP handle
on open files which somehow your program had "forgotten" -- the question
of access to the JFN is essentially irrelevant for this.