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From:     EB@MIT-ML
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 82 16:58:24 GMT
Original-Date: 02/27/82 12:58:24 EDT
    ARYFIL and such are all very nice, but why does it use restricted
    JFN's in the first place?????
They aren't "restricted" -- they are "frozen" accesses.  I suspect that
Feinberg was confused.  "Frozen" means that any number of readers can gain 
access, but at most one writer can have APPEND access (I don't think you 
can get random write access from within LISP).  A file opened for ordinary 
write access isn't visible in the catalogue until it is closed;  maybe 
that's what caused Feinberg to think it was "restricted".  Any comments Neal?

P.S.: I'm using version 2129 at MIT-XX -- I notice that CMUC still has version
    2122 from last fall;  hopefully this won't make a diference, but I'll
    send a note to Zubkoff to suggest the possibility of an update for CMUC.