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The additions to SHARPM which I mentiond about a month or so ago
are now installed in version 82 --
  1) #nRddd format now works
  2) #|...cruft...|#  format now works, as per ALAN's request
  3) the actual format of the /#-MACRO-DATALIST has been changed --
     be advised if you ever depended upon it.
This change is only on MC right now, but I'll :INSTALL it "soon".
If anyone needs to back out of it, you should move LISP;SHARPM OFASL
NOTE WELL:  this change must correspondingly be coordinated with
the installation of EXTEND (from version 291 to 292), BITS (from
version 45 to 46), and VECTOR (from version 73 to 74) -- thus
an un-doing of SHARPM must also install LISP;* OFASL into LISP;* FASL
for these three files (for efficiency reasons, they depend upon
the format of that list).