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    Date: 2 February 1982 10:03-EST
    From: William G. Dubuque <WGD at MIT-MC>
    Sender: BIL at MIT-MC

    (loop for (ignore x) in pairs ...) doesn't ignore; however using
    () instead of ignore works.  Is this the defined behavior for
    [I realize that the ignore conventions aren't standardized across
    Lisps; perhaps the MacLisp compiler could be made to recognize
    ignore also.]
It does.  The problem here is that IGNORE is only specially recognized
when used in a variable-binding position.  As i remember it, it
isn't recognized in such things as (multiple-value (ignore foo) ...)
(i'm talking lispm here--maybe this has been "fixed" but i don't think
so).  What you are saying is that
should do something special, like not bother.  (I could say something
nasty like "it's bad enough that the symbols T and NIL are treated
specially, you want IGNORE to be also?", but i won't.)