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Re: #| ... |#

An important feature is that nesting "#| ... |#" pairs within such a
comment "work".  In other words, the #| macro must count containing
"#|"s and "|#"s to be certain it is finished.  (This is the opposite
of the way the PL/1 /* ... */ comment works, but the Multics PL/1
community tells me that this is a loss and that they would rather it
work the #| way.)

I bring this up now, because I just now screwed myself by forgetting
that PDP10 MacLisp doesn't have it.

If you are interested in introducing this bit of compatability into
PDP10 MacLisp, please take a look at the algorithm the LispMachine
uses to parse the stuff in the comment (AI:LMIO;READ the function
xr-/#/|-macro) so that we both parse them the same way.  (I'll gladly
consider any improvements you might suggest.)