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I've got a bug that just can't be reproduced in the interpreter, it may be
timing-related but I don't think it's a compiler bug, just something that
only happens at the faster execution speed of compiled code.

At some random time I get a MPV error at 44333 and if I <Alt>G then
another MPV error at 11346 occurs.  In an effort to track this down, I
aborted the program before it bombed, using the (^G) function, not ^G which
was disabled while the program runs.
Then I typed (subr 44333) and I got a MPV at 10033>>hlrz 4,(17).

So I ran a new LISP and did (subr 44222) and it replied GC, and then
did (subr 11346) and it came back with READ-EVAL-*-PRINT, no problem.

Thus my bug seems to be freaking the GC somehow.  It turns out there are
no RPLACAs or RPLACDs anywhere in my code, so they aren't responsible
for trashing random memory locations, are there any alternative causes?