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MACHINE-ERROR  reference to non-existent memory at address 43411
in function MAPDIRECTORY.  The args to the MACHINE-ERROR interrupt are
(EXAMINE 0. 43411. 0.) .

This seems to happen randomly, with higher probability of happening when the
system load is light (ie, when it is running fairly fast).  I have an init
file that calls DIRECTORY on all my archives in sequence in order to set up
a list-structure directory of my files when I invoke lisp.  This is where the
error happens.  If I call the same code manually (typing in the calls to
DIRECTORY for each archive) the error never happens.

The code which invokes the error-prone calls is near the end of the function
INITIALIZE-LISP which is the last function in the file ML: RSG; BASE > .
The file BASE FASL is loaded (and INITIALIZE-LISP called) by

The lisp is totally fresh (other than BASE FASL being loaded and
INITIALIZE-LISP being called) when this strange behavior happens.

-- rsg