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Lisp 2022 on a Tops-10

    Date: 17 December 1981 12:12-EST
    From: John G. Aspinall <JGA at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Lisp 2022 on a Tops-10
    I'm trying to use MacLisp on LLL-MFE.  It runs Tops-10, and the
    lispversion is 2022.  The folks at LLL are not supporting it, but it
    was installed and (I think) running once.  Certain things work, but it
    appears that something is broken.  Two examples are:
    . . . 
Yes, I believe that Jonathan Letvin installed some version of MacLISP
at LLL;  not only is 2022 quite out of date (current version at XX is
2122, and there is a LISP.REL file there for TOPS-10 systems), but
a lot of other things are probably dated too.  One easy quick fix is
just to copy the MacLISP directory from CMUA, which is a little out
of date, but at least somewhat consistent; another is to get a tape
made at XX at send it to LLL.