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    Date: 10 December 1981 22:37-EST
    From: Richard Kawala <KAWALA at MIT-AI>

    	Can anyone out there recommend a book that will
    teach LISP? Please reply direct to me as I am not on this
    mailing list. Thanks.

"Notes on the Programming Language Lisp" by Bernie Greenberg is an
excellent introduction to Lisp.  Copies can be obtained by sending
$3.50 ($2.50 to cover duplication costs and $1.00 to cover postage and
handling) to:

	Student Information Processing Board
	MIT Room 39-200
	Cambridge Mass 02139

In the future, please direct your queries to the BUG-LISP mailing list
so as not to bother so many people.  The people on INFO-LISP are not
on it to answer questions, but rather to receive updates about recent Lisp