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re: bug in MACLISP 2122

    Date: 30 November 1981 16:23-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    To: Admin.lougheed at SU-SCORE
        . . . 
    This is entirely due to the recent (as far as MacLISP is concerned)
    incompatible change to TOPS-20, that of making PS: be a logical name.

Note that "making PS: a logical name" is *not* necessarily a recent change.
Anyone could have done this for him/herself at any time since Tops-20 was
first released (well, PS: only mattered since Release 2, but...).  Maclisp
has had lots of time to adapt to the Tops-20 way of doing things, and has
failed to do so.  The only real recent change is that now the system
REQUIRES that PS: be a logical name, so what was formerly a user
restriction now becomes a bug.  

Oh well, for new lisp programs we can always encourage people to use ELISP
instead of Maclisp.