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    Date: 12 November 1981 15:59-EST
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Do you know a way to get optimal sharing of maclisp on TOPS-20?
    It would be very good to have different suspended systems
    share the Maclisp they were dumped in. A real system performance
    issue on the MIT-EECS machine, where three undergraduate courses
    use three different systems dumped in lisp.
Indeed, MacLISP on TOPS-20 could look for its "PURQIO" file, and share
pages from it -- but that doesn't solve the incremental sharing problem.
The SHARABLE file, written in LISP and LAP which GSB and I wrote, could
handle TOPS-20 systems too, providing that the LAP part which does
system calls were modified for finding out Twenex-style file info.
Could it be that someone at Yale has already done some such thing?
    Date: 12 November 1981 16:08-EST
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    We should not be worrying about sharing on TOPS-20 from the Maclisp
    point of view. The Yale people have the answer to that. We should
    get JAR to bring us the stuff on their SHARE program which takes care
    of dumping shared dumps in a totally system-independent way (needs
    no cooperation from Maclisp).
I'd like to see it when available.