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# macros.

    Date: 6 November 1981 17:13-EST
    From: "Kenneth W. Haase, Jr." <KWH at MIT-AI>
    I have a file with Maclisp and LISPM code intermixed, and use #Q and #M
    to differentiate code for each one.  However inside of one of the LISPM
    defs (protected by #Q) I use #\Control-E, and for some reason MACLISP
    sees this and returns an error.  (That it didn't recognize #\Control-E)
    Is there anyway to make Maclisp just not read that definition?
In SHARPM version 79, I've just fixed it so that it doesn't complain about
certain "errors" which are detected as errors only by virtue of the fact 
that the code is being processed by MacLISP reader -- the range of symbolic 
character names is one of these.  
  Thus, '(A #Q #\Control-E)  will win, but '(A #\Control-E) will lose
in MacLISP.  This also applies to NIL constructs too --  so that '(A #N #T)
will win, but '(A #T) will lose in native MacLISP.  For this context,
#Q and #+LISPM are interchangeable.
  The COMPLR has been dumped out with SHARPM version 78 current, so until
another dump is made (hopefully, tomorrow), you may have to re-load by hand.