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SETF lacking bootstrap autoload property, and repeat of GENTEMP suggestion

From:     PSZ@MIT-ML
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 81 05:16:07 GMT
Original-Date: 11/03/81 01:16:07 EDT
    I just tried the following in a bare Lisp:
    (defun foo macro (x) '(arraycall t foo 2 2))   . . . 
    (setf (foo) t)
    ;Loading SETF 292  . . . 
Fixed in SETF version 293, which I just installed.

Probably GENTEMP should have an initial AUTOLOAD property, but
adding new capability to the initial system without taking more
address space is a time-consuming process.  For some time, we've 
been planning to get a wide-spread acceptance of the GENTEMP idea, 
but it's been going slowly.  Anyone yet interested either of the
two ideas:
  1) Truly unique gensyms -- incorporating enough information to
     distinguish site name and time quantum;
  2) New data type -- a "gensym" symbol, which is guaranteed to
     be un-interned, but still identifiable over calls to READ, e.g.
      (SETQ L '(A #G00025 B #G00025))
     would guarantee (EQ (CADR L) (CADDDR L)), but subsequent calls
     to READ would get a different, un-interned symbol for #G00025.