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MacLISP and structures on Twenex

    Date: 27 October 1981 0002-EDT (Tuesday)
    From: Roger.Dannenberg at CMU-10A (C410RD60)
    Message-Id: <27Oct81 000217 RD60@CMU-10A>
    1) when maclisp comes up it looks for lisp.ini and then trys to load
	    ps:lisp.ini (note the difference).  If I connect to pqcc: then
	    I must have lisp.ini on both pqcc: and ps: (!)
    4) maclisp won't read the *ledit* buffer when I'm connected to pqcc:
	    (I can make it work by connecting to ps:)
Most MacLISP software was written on ITS systems, where there is no
concept of multiple "structures".    (STATUS UDIR) returns the name
of the connected directory, but of course doesn't make available
the name of the connected structure.  Thus LEDIT can't find out this
information either.  Probably some additional primitive needs to be added 
for TOPS users.