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MacLisp with multiple structures

I received the following Bug report; it seems to me that this is due to the
fact that (ststus udir) knows nothing about the connected structure, only
the connected directory.  Is there a fix for this in the works?


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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 81 04:02:00 GMT
Original-Date: 27 October 1981 0002-EDT (Tuesday)
From: Roger.Dannenberg at CMU-10A (C410RD60)
To: Leonard.Zubkoff at CMU-10A
Subject:  maclisp and structures
Message-Id: <27Oct81 000217 RD60@CMU-10A>
Origin:  C410RD60 at CMU-10A; 27 Oct 1981 0002-EDT

I've been trying to use maclisp on cmuc for about 2 hours, and still
can't get ledit etc. to work.  My ignorance of tops-20 is probably the
major cause of my problems, but there are a few other bugs:

1) when maclisp comes up it looks for lisp.ini and then trys to load
	ps:lisp.ini (note the difference).  If I connect to pqcc: then
	I must have lisp.ini on both pqcc: and ps: (!)
2) when connected to pqcc:, there seems to be no way to slurp files
	(I guess that's touretzky's problem)
3) when connected to pqcc:, (LLOAD file ext) will look for ps:file.ext
	instead of pqcc:file.ext
4) maclisp won't read the *ledit* buffer when I'm connected to pqcc:
	(I can make it work by connecting to ps:)

(I think the above are real bugs, but maybe there's something I should
be doing to avoid them.)

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