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I ran my timing tests with *RSET both on an off. You get a factor of 3
speed-up with *RSET off. Still not good enough. The compilation of
(BIT1P X J) is particulaly poor. So I open-coded somethings by hand,
and called +INTERNAL-RPLACHAR-N et. al. Still not good enough.

But why a function call to get an element of a string? That is what 
stinks. So, I changed the implementation, made my own strings that
used a HUNK of FIXNUMS, and got open coding and decent speed.
The same thing works like a charm for BIT1P ==>

(LOGAND (LSH 1 (\ J 36.)) (CXR (+ 2 (// J 36.)) X)).

Oh well. Doesn't really matter I guess. I just wish there
were more vax around so that we didn't have to use the PDP10
to do the port from VMS-NIL to UNIX-NIL.