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    Date: 23 October 1980 19:31-EDT
    From: nlm,batali at MIT-AI
    Sender: GJS at MIT-AI
    To: ALAN at MIT-AI, JONL at MIT-MC
    cc: BUG-LISP at MIT-AI

    We moved a compiled version of "mc:alan;nstruct fasl" over to
    Speech (carefully patching the word length on word count (losing ftp!)).

CHAOSnet FTP has more problems than just the word length problem.  It also has
a bad tendency to swap bytes.  Since it doesn't happen on ITS, I'd suggest
you transfer the SOURCE file and recompile it there.  LEXPR-FUNCALL is not
conditionalized on operating system!

Another possibility is that the LISP there is ancient.  If so, the solution is
a magtape.  I don't have an account on SPEECH, nor do I know the password to
the MacLisp directory, so I can't investigate any of this firsthand.