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(DEFUN (<system-fun> FOO BAR) ...)

    Date: 18 October 1980 06:39-EDT
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
    I complained a long time ago that something of the form
    (defun (let foo bar) ...) caused the following nasty error message:
		    Redefining system function in function LET)
    Now I am being screwed because the presence of this message in the
    unfasl file makes it impossible to READ back in again.  (I guess I am
    lucky that there wasn't a #F macro defined.)
Well the random appearance of a useless error comment doesn't seem nearly
as bad as the inablility to read in the unfasl file -- so I've fixed 
both;  this fix only appears in XCOMPLR now, but within shortly a new XLISP
(and XCOMPLR) will be announced, and after a few weeks they will replace
the current LISP (and COMPLR).
    (By the bye, is there some special reason that this plaint should
go to BUG-LISP too?  or should BUG-COMPLR forward all comments to BUG-LISP?)