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Maclisp reader seems consistently inconsistent...

Why is "READ END OF FILE WITHIN READ" (not enough ")"'s) a FAIL-ACT
while "GOT TO TTY INSIDE S-EXP"	(no cr after last ";") and "DOT CONTEXT ERROR" 
have no associated error handlers. Suppose I was writing a rubout handler
that wanted to trap errors generated by the Maclisp default read -- how could
I reasonably be expected to do so? Couldn't all of these types of errors
use the same error handler and couldn't there be some way to tell that it was
the reader which is signalling the error... Right now I have to know what all
possible READ error messages are if I am to be able to sort out random errors
that occur during the READ (^X Quits, Alarmclock functions dying, etc) ...