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Your long note of last week

    Date: 23 September 1980 23:27-EDT
    From: Mark L. Miller <MILLER at MIT-AI>
    Subject: MacLISP's Floating point
    To: JONL at MIT-MC
    cc: KEN at MIT-AI, GJS at MIT-AI, PHW at MIT-AI, TBlocker at BBNA,
	MMiller at BBNA, ben at MIT-ML, BUG-LISP at MIT-MC,
	BRoberts at BBNC
I was hoping to reply more to your note, Mark, but Scott Fahlman's reply
(which is still in my mail file) makes essentially the main point -- 
that maintaining Maclisp, while useful, is not a forward-looking project
(as NIL is).  However, two things are on the horizon which may help you
and other non-MIT Maclisp users:
1) Kent Pitman has been working on a full Maclisp manual, to be done in
   TEX, and there is some hope that this will be done "shortly".
2) Mike Travers has done a virtual-terminal service for TOPS-20 (on the
   XX machine) which essentially implements the ITS-style control-P 
   codes -- thus it should be possible to use the ITS-specific code
   for Maclisp's CURSORPOS (written in MIDAS), and thus achieve on TOPS-20
   the same level of "rubout-ability" and CRT-usabililty  as on ITS.