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For the record?

    Date: 23 SEP 1980 1500-EDT
    From: KMP at MIT-MC (Kent M. Pitman)

    The behavior of *FUNCTION with a second arg seems to be compatible with
    an upward funarg type of behavior -- in XLISP, of course, where things
    are working. Note that SETQ'ing a variable that is in the closure affects
    only that copy of the closure, and not the variable on the stack of which
    it is a copy -- this is IFF a second arg was given. If the second arg is
    given, the funarg is downward only and SETQ's will assign to the variable
    in the actual environ in which the closure was created. I don't know if
    this is how things ought to be, but this is how I will document it until/-
    unless I get word that someone is changing this behavior.

If the alternative is to document it.  Why don't we just flush it?