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From:     GSB@MIT-ML
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 80 02:46:16 GMT
Original-Date: 09/19/80 22:46:16 EDT
Subject: Re: fixing things
    It seems that +INTERNAL-/'-MACRO now calls a read entry which calls
    the read hook. .  .  . The read hook has semantics of being a "toplevel"
    call and is allowed to do things like flush the character trailing a
    character.  This isn't right for a recursive read.
It's not entirely clear what the purpose of this read "hook" is -- the
toplevel hook is another feature (READ-*-EVAL-PRINT and *-READ-EVAL-PRINT) --
and furthermore, its not clear that we've resolved the READ-PRESERVE-DELIMITERS
problem for maclisp;  but your comment seems right, that READ rather than 
is what is desired.  So I've again patched it accordingly.