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    Date: 18 SEP 1980 1641-EDT
    From: JONL at MIT-MC (Jon L White)
    So your questions re *LDB are just wasting time and space in the BUG-LISP
    channel?  And you still don't understand how trivial *LDB is now?
Look, If we had all read and understood my original message then there wouldn't
need to be all this flaming.
    Serious points:
      1) Does the existence of your LDB subr mean that you don't get the
         efficiency of the BOOLE which the macro generates for constant <ppss> ?
Well I am willing to give that up for the moment, given that the compiler
will open-code it someday.
      2) Will your LDB be schrod when the compiler open-codes LDB?
When the compiler open-codes LDB, then I won't need one of my own!