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Academic questions on *LDB and *DBP

    Date: 18 September 1980 16:30-EDT
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
    .  .  .
    I don't have to worry about it.  I LAPed up a LDB and a DPB of my own
    a long time ago and I still don't have any reason to flush them.
    What I am amazed by is the totally hairy "stop gap" measures that
    don't gain anything!
So your questions re *LDB are just wasting time and space in the BUG-LISP
channel?  And you still don't understand how trivial *LDB is now?
Serious points:
  1) Does the existence of your LDB subr mean that you don't get the
     efficiency of the BOOLE which the macro generates for constant <ppss> ?
  2) Will your LDB be schrod when the compiler open-codes LDB?