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MacLISP's Floating point

    Date: 8 September 1980 14:03-EDT
    From: Benjamin Kuipers <BEN at MIT-ML>
    TOPS-10 MACLISP still has the problem of using KA-10
    floating point instructions, which must be software
    simulated on the Tufts KL-10.  Are there any plans to
    fix this?
Not that I know of.   Several other people have complained about
this -- especially Ken Kahn who is trying to use MacLISP on a
Swedish TOPS-10 that apparently doesn't support much in hte way of
compatibility -- but there's just not a lot of "steam" here on our
side to maintain the TOPS-10 version.  Hopefully, some combination
of TOPS-10 MacLISP users could delve into these things? (the
CMUA crew, and maybe someone from Tufts?).