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Getting file attributes

    Date: 29 August 1980 1319-EDT (Friday)
    From: Guy.Steele at CMU-10A
    The function DIRECTORY in the ALLFILES package is supposed to let
    you get at all the file attributes of interest.
Except that it doesn't allow you to get the most recent version except
by having to sort and choose out of the result.  What i have been using
for years now is some midas code which returns a DIRECTORY style
disembodied plist, eg:
(get-file-info '((dsk gsb) tea fasl)) =>
   FASL T CREATOR (LISP /1997) CRETIME (22. 46. 56.) CREDATE
   (80. 7. 27.) REFDATE (80. 8. 18.) BYTES 953. BYTESIZE 36.) 
Admittedly some of this is gratuitous, but it is more in line with
what is wanted -- no version choosing, and one call gets everything
of interest (including faslp).