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In lisp 1997 I got the following bomb-out to ddt

MPV; 12326>>HRLM 1,@1(10)   1/   105745   276142/   ??

when I did -

(load '((jga) tekplt))				;some plotting functions
(setup-graphics)				;initialization
(file-out-graphics '((jga) yogi tek))		;an output file

(setq infile (open '((jga) yogi ltext) '(in ascii dsk)))
(setq yogi (read infile))
(close infile)

;it read yogi (which is a list of function calls) ok
;then it bombed out on

(mapc 'eval yogi)

The file JGA;YOGI LTEXT is still around if you want to try it.