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    Mail-from: ARPAnet host MIT-MC rcvd at 21-Aug-80 1427-PDT
    Date: 21 AUG 1980 1727-EDT
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-MC
    CC: NIL at MIT-MC, GJC at MIT-MC

    Is there a way to get the file creation date and time
    of a file? Can I suggest an extension of PROBEF:

    Even though the information about a file is incredibly
    system dependant, I think all reasonable systems support
    the subset of messages '(TRUENAME CREATION LAST-REF)
    and maybe some others.
True, Twenex could stand ALLFILES and DIRECTORY.  I wrote something to look
at the FDB word, but it's not in ITS-like format.

    This is usefull information to have for systems
Again, on Twenex peeking/poking at the File Descriptor Block from Lisp
is handy, I'll have to find my old program...	   -sjk