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    Date: 13 August 1980 23:41-EDT
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    To:   BMT
    cc:   MACSYMA-I, RZ, WGD,
    Re:   SETF 

    Unfortunately, the currentf SETF expander turns (SETF (CAR L) X)
    into (PROGN (RPLACA L X) X), which isn't what the built in version does
    -- it acts as if the expansion should be (RPLACA L X).  This difference
    in return value makes it impossible to use the value of SETF.  Any
    preferences for what the "return value" of SETF should be?
This is a bug resulting from your turning SETF into a special form.  One of us
should fix it.