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    Date: 5 March 1981 21:17-EST
    From: Alan Bawden <ALAN at MIT-MC>
    Why does y-or-n-p REQUIRE that I supply an argument?  I would think that
    it was completely clear what I want if I just call it with no arguments.
    Why doesn't yes-or-no-p go to the trouble to strip leading and trailing
    spaces from what the user types?
In case this hasn't been answered before, YES-OR-NO-P now ignores spaces,
and zero arguments is acceptable.  Did the LISPM version ever permit the
interchange-ability of the first and second arg?  namely is it ok to
say  (YES-OR-NO-P "What foo?" some-stream)  as well as
     (YES-OR-NO-P some-stream "What foo?")
Clearly these two arguments can be distinguished by data-type, and position
in the argument list is unimportant.