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STRING bug found, and fixed

    Date: 1 April 1981 21:10-EST
    From: Richard Mark Soley <SOLEY at MIT-MC>
    .  .  .
	    (load 'debug)
    You will see that at lesat one (sometimes two) strings have
    had a word bitten out of them (and replaced by zeros). .  .
Why, yes, by being able to produce the bug myself, I was able
to track it down and fix it -- STRING 149 shows the fix.
Indeed it was a random timing screw inside STR:COMPRESS-SPACE,
which I'll verbally explain to the curious.   Nothing like a
garbage-collector bug, huh?
    I just :pdump'd a version of NILE as MC:SOLEY;TS WINNER.
I used the little file SOLEY;CHECK *  to verify that no strings
exist with five consecutive null's in them.  You can play with it
to see for sure that the bug is gone.  If you want to start from 
scratch yourself and load things up, be sure to re-load STRING.