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Random string clobberage

Probably you should CC your comments about STRING lossages to
BUG-LISP rather than BUG-NIL.  
    As mentioned in a note which I just sent off to BUG-LISP, there
was a problem with lisp's interrupt protection table, and one
manifestation of it would be that if you got a delayed interrupt in
the middle of one of the affected functions (like STATUS OSPEED, or
SUBLIS etc), then you'd wind up inside the +INTERNAL-SET-STRING-WORD-N
code.  This would likely have the effect of bombing out if you didn't
have any strings, or else just clobbering a randome string word with 0's.
    Date: 31 March 1981 18:02-EST
    From: Richard Mark Soley <SOLEY at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Strings in NIL
    My first inclination was that STRING-PNPUT was failing every
    now and then, since continued use of the environment didn't
    seem to lose any more strings.  We have found that
    STR/:COMPRESS-SPACE caused the loss of random words also
    WHEN IT DOES SOMETHING.  I.e., if there is nothing to be
    compressed, it predictably doesn't lose any string contents.
    It seems that at least STR/:COMPRESS-SPACE, and perhaps
    the STRING-PNPUT (SQUID) stuff is dead.
Rather than waste time looking at poooor STR/:COMPRESS-SPACE or STRING-PNPUT,
can you verify whether the problem is either still present, or maybe it was
fixed by the interrupt-bug fix?