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Rubout processing after TYIPEEK

    Date: 22 March 1981 01:18-EST
    From: Glenn S. Burke <GSB at MIT-ML>
    Why can't the reader, when it starts a READ (READLINE), check for
    and call (status ttyscan) when it first starts up?  
Well, it does, indirectly;  The problem is that the the $DEVICE code
fails to do the ttybuffer scan if there are already characters in the
bufferback list.  I believe the BFPRDP switch shold control this instead.
							 This will fix the
    tyipeek/read problem, since the ttyscan will then get to see the buffered
    back characters.  (I bet +internal-ttyscan-subr doesn't understand
    buffered-back characters. .  .
You luz (your "bet"); +internal-ttyscan-subr does the right thing by calling
$DEVICE -- which suffers generally from the problem noted above.  I'ved
edited in the correction, and will start a reassembly now.  XLISP 2092,
when available, should have this 6-year-old bug fixed.