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Carl Hoffman wants to get the functionaliy of the MacLISP/NIL 
DEFMACRO into Multics, without having to add any new switches 
(such as DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING etc) to the Multics MacLISP 
compiler -- as an accommodation to a style of compiler usage 
whereby the user "pretends" that the switch MACROS is to take 
over the functionality of DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING, I've changed 
the two occurrences of this latter switch in the DEFMACRO source
file into
    (cond ((boundp 'DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING)
	  ((status FEATURE COMPLR)
The normal state in the PDP10 MacLISP world is that 
DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING is set to 'T (even in non-COMPLR lisps), and 
MACROS is defaultly (); just the opposite case would apparently obtain 
under Multics, that is DEFMACRO-FOR-COMPILING would be unbound, and 
MACROS would be T.   So, this way, in the PDP10 MacLISP world, if a user 
has a files of code which don't actually SETQ the switch 
[possibly in a COMPLR INIT file] and let this switch meaning operate the 
way CWH will have it do under Multics.