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haumany PURQIO's?

    Date: 15 March 1981 01:02-EST
    From: David A. Moon <MOON5 at MIT-AI>
    Do there really need to be five version of PURQIO on AI:SYS; ?
Apparently so -- All 5 of them have recent reference dates.  
LISP;LOCK > shows that 4 of them are tied down by dumpd-out systems,
and apparently someone is actually using version 1997 without
"lock"ing it.  Unfortunately, the two earliest versions are being
"lock"ed by dumps made by persons long gone, and thus there seems
to be little hope of getting them re-dumped in the current lisp.
It appears from reference dates on those specific dump files that
they are being used now and then by someone (uses of LAMORD and 
DIRECT were seen in Feb 1981).  When they go by the wayside,
then maybe then can be moved to tape, and the consequent (directory)
space reclaimed on the AI:SYS; directory.  
   Some time ago, I moved some unlikely stuff of AI:SYS;, and sent
notes to appropriate persons/mailing-lists.  RMS/RWK pointed out
that one of the files so moved should stay on SYS;.  But we can
still keep looking for things to put on other directories.