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	It seems to be the case in maclisp that if I initiate a process
which does printing (a call on print, or on some program that does prints)
7 or more lines from the bottom of the screen, the results will be interupted
by more processing (if they take more than 7 lines).  However, if I am closer 
to the bottom than that when I start, there will not be a more until the ouput
goes all the way around the screen, and hits the bottom a second time.
I am using the system end page fn.
	Two questins:  first, is this a well known phenomenon, or am I doing
something strange that has broken my lisp. (I did test that this happens in
a simple lisp (version 2077) loaded without my init file or anything.)
	Second, if this is a standard feature, is there anyway to turn it
off.  I would like to see a more if I started printing anywhere except
perhaps the very last line.  If there is no way to control this then
I think that is a bug.  I appreciate the fact that DDT has a lot to do with 
this, so that maybe there is nothing that can be done.
			Dick Waters