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(defun foo (x) (subrcall nil '#,(get 'car 'subr) x))

when compiled gives the error 
"The function pointer can't be right in function FOO"

(defun foo (x) (subrcall nil #,(get 'car 'subr) x))

gives code which is twice as big as needed

      (JRST 0 @ G0001)
G0001 (0 0 '(-SQUID- . (GET 'CAR 'SUBR)))

instead of (JRST 0 '(-SQUID- . (GET 'CAR 'SUBR)))

It would be nice to be able to generate

(JRST 0 @ '(-SQUID- . (FROBULATE))) also.

The idea is that since the maclisp compiler gives so little
real error checking and user protection anyway, you might
as well be able to go for all the gusto you can get.