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    Date: 28 February 1981 23:24-EST
    From: George J. Carrette <GJC at MIT-MC>
    Shows a bug in the expansion of the CONS-A-CLIPPER defined by DEFVST.
The bug actually wasn't in DEFVST or any of its code, but due to
a "phase" error in compiling one of the auxillary macro files.  By
"phase" error, I mean that a bug in one facility causes a bug in
the compiled version of another facility; hence there is a problem
of correctly ordering the successive compilations of the various
files -- each compilation is to be performed by an incrementally 
more-debugged COMPLR.  In this case, the losing code looked like
    `#%(SI:XSET ,(cadr x) ,(caddr x) ,val)
and the loser was, I believe, either MACROEXPAND or SI:XSET.
   At any rate, I "bootstrapped" things up again, and the current
COMPLR did ok by this sample file.