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MAKE-STRING now has optional 2nd arg

    Date: 27 February 1981 09:34-EST
    From: Richard Mark Soley <SOLEY at MIT-MC>
	    I have a (not urgent) request for a function in NIL
    and NIL simulator: called "n-spaces", or somesuch.  Just
    same thing as make-string, but filled with spaces instead
    of NULs.  .  .  .
This oversight in the definition of MAKE-STRING has been corrected
in version number 140 -- the second arg, when supplied, specifies
the character to use as the repeated component.  NIL;NEWFUN > 
mentions this, but the PDP10 verion of MAKE-STRING has, until now,
been limited.  Since the STRING-FILL function on the PDP10 is
optimal, I used it, rather than some other word-at-a-time filler.