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<= on flonums

    Date: 26 February 1981 11:21-EST
    From: John G. Aspinall <JGA at MIT-MC>
    (>= 3.0 4.0)
    .  .  .
    ;Loading FORMAT 6724.0 does not pass the FIXNUMP test, for function >=
    ;4.0 ?
    When did >= stop taking flonum args, and what is 6724.0 doing there?
It's a bug that >= didn't accept flonums too (possibly when the
"error checking" was added, it didn't think to check also for flonums).
This is fixed in current version of MLSUB.  However, the random
6724.0 printed out by FORMAT is the result of a bug in APPLY, when
the function being applied has to be autoloaded (APPLY is called
by CERROR when lexpr-funcall is called on FORMAT); I haven't fixed
this bug yet.