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Default-setting of DEFUN&-CHECK-ARGS

    Date: 23 February 1981 00:51-EST
    From: Carl W. Hoffman <CWH at MIT-MC>
    I haven't been reading my mail lately, so I'm not aware of any discussion
    which may have preceded this change.  .  .  .
    But for the naive user, receiving the error message
	; ((1 . 2) (X)) Wrong number of arguments
    is going to be more confusing than
	; ((FIRST &OPTIONAL SECOND) (X)) Wrong number of arguments
Indeed, there was only short discussion on the change of default value,
prompted by GSB's remarks, but as the LISP RECENT pointed out, the
Interpreter/UUO-handler will do the error checking anyway, so you 
won't even get to the (now-superfluous) error-checking code in the
function itself.  The sophisticated user might want the code specifically
supplied when he is writing a system utility which may often be called
in non-*RSET mode;  the naieve user will (or ought to) be in *RSET mode
by default.